May - Mental Health Awareness Month

I've recently commissioned art through @jessicapaulination

I choose a mirror because I wanted the opportunity to talk about self-reflection, energy, and how we truly see ourselves. I also chose different colored eyes because each one represents a different level of protection that we should allow ourselves.

This month of May, I'm taking the time to look within, to open up, and to see myself in a brighter light. I think with the world being in a high state of chaos, it's important to take moments to look within ourselves. To ask the questions: am I seeing myself through my own eyes or through those of another? How kind am I being to myself? If I'm not seeing what I wish to see, what loving change can I make to start moving in the direction that is best for me?

I work with energy every day. I wonder how often we allow others to affect the way we look at ourselves, and if we do allow others to affect our self-image, how does this affect the way we make decisions? Are we deciding what's best for us or for others? I'm a big advocate of self-love. When we embrace ourselves and our needs first, we can better make decisions for the collective. Sometimes, that's decisions for family members. Sometimes, it’s for a work environment. Sometimes, it's for a friend group. If we put our needs last, we tend to suffer. I believe that the younger generations are starting to see that it's okay to follow their dreams and embrace their uniqueness unapologetically.

When I work with clients who are under extreme anxiety and distress, I often suggest that they pay attention when they go into a new environment. I tell them to ask themselves the questions: do I feel calm or uneasy? Are there certain parts of your body that feel tense? Pay attention to those areas. Certain environments can be incredibly toxic. Certain people can be incredibly toxic. The more that we pay attention to ourselves and our energy, the more we can start to differentiate what energy belongs to us and what we're simply absorbing around us.

For this month, whenever possible, embrace kindness. Allow yourself moments of rest when you need it. When you look in the mirror, try to see the best in yourself. We may not all have people encouraging us or even there for us, but if we're there for ourselves, then we can truly carve out the path in front of us. It all starts from within. When you look in the mirror, I hope you see the best version of yourself.

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