How to overcome Negative Self- Talk

What is negative self talk?

Negative self-talk is any inner dialogue you have with yourself that may be limiting your ability to believe in yourself and your own abilities, and to reach your potential. It is any thought that diminishes your ability to make positive changes in your life or your confidence in yourself to do so.

How are you talking to yourself? Many of us go through times where we will look at our choices from many points of view. This can be positive if you decide an action that allows forward movement toward your goals. However, if you feel blocked because you can not get past an irrational fear then you can notice a pattern of a never ending self sabotaging inner dialog. If this is the case you can break the pattern.

How to break negative self talk...

First of all breathe, nice and deep and realize that you have the power to change your environment simply by changing your mind.

Acknowledge what you have been thinking and feeling about-Journal it, speak it out loud, share with a friend.

Consider what triggered these thoughts and feelings? When thinking this way do you feel tightness in your throat, heart or stomach? Perhaps this issue reminds you of a past situation you were unable to resolve emotionally. If so, you may simply have energy blocks in those areas.

Be kind to yourself. No human is perfect. Know that even if you went through past failures you can walk into a successful new path. Failures teach us and allow us to grow just as much as success. Let your expectations of self be less than perfect so you can enjoy this new change.

Start surrounding yourself and your environment with positivity. What are you watching, listening to and who are you around? If you notice that you are listening to or watching: Sad, Angry, Heavy emotionally charged things consider how it might bring down your energy. Instead consider positive music, things that make you laugh and persons who lift you up. You deserve to fill yourself up with happiness and drive to be the best version of you.

Change your routine! If you are stuck the best thing to do is start a new routine to shake it up and offer a new direction emotionally and physically. Write down your goals, long term and short term. Make a plan that fits your schedule. Plan time to have fun everyday. Dance, sing, create and laugh!!!

Say NO! to the thoughts that continuously circle in your mind. By addressing them as they come you can stop the endless pattern.

Replace the words and thoughts with your new goals. Watch inspiring videos, Meditate, move around (Exercise, Dance be silly)

I believe in you! Each day is a gift so if you have a bad day simply forgive yourself, get real rest and let tomorrow be lighter.

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