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Upcoming Events


This Friday March 18th I'll be a vendor at Relovedresaleshop Pisces Late Night Market .

I'll be there from 5 to 9 giving readings. Message me to book a spot. Visit my website for rates

I'm currently booked:

6:00 to 6:15 Gina


Angela Frank recommends beloved1tarot.

Amy is amazing intuitive, sees auras, blocks, is very insightful and speaks with love and grace. She is a helper to all souls no matter what path you are on. 

We all need some guidance and help seeing our blocks if we are willing to look at them. Then, and only then can we move into more alignment and flow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me see this in a very meaningful way Amy.

Madeline Avery Brianey  recommends beloved1tarot.

what a beautiful soul!! she read my aura, saw my past life, confirmed my twin flame and just overall gave me a bunch of information and guidance to grow as a person. She confirmed a lot of things i was going thru or had gone thru without me having to say anything. I have had readings before but NOTHING has compared to this. thank you so much and can’t wait for future readings with you!!

Samantha Jones  recommends beloved1tarot.

I love Amy. My whole family uses her. She is so accurate and wonderful at what she does. I can’t recommend her enough

Kris Griffith  recommends beloved1tarot.

Told me something that really came true. Told me I was going to take a journey and she was correct. It was a very important one at that.

Cynthia J Lewis recommends beloved1tarot

I had the most on point helpful session with Amy after randomly coming across one of her live broadcasts on Facebook. Having had a professional background in healing, reiki, and massage for many years, when I get a hit on someone I’m supposed to talk to I know to follow it. What an absolute blessing to run into her and find such an amazing light worker. I am going through some deeply odd and uniquely complex challenges in my life right now and she was able to lovingly witness my light and pain from the whole phase I’m in. Not only did I feel seen, heard, and acknowledged, she also guided me on a new way to see the challenges, that has already really helped me. She gave me actual tangible actions to take, some writing homework, and some self healing techniques. I feel strongly that anyone who is facing a block, challenge, or question should take advantage of her wisdom:-)

Brenda McCarter-McWilliams recommends beloved1tarot

Amy was awesome and on point. she gave great insight on what I need to do to realign my energy. Reading was much needed and I plan on going again.

Elizabeth Hawbaker  recommends beloved1tarot.

I had a reading today and it was right on. you are a very sweet women. I can't wait to talk with you Sunday 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Brianna Church  recommends beloved1tarot.

Amy was very accurate! I will definitely be back to see her in the future!

Jessica Marie Sabine  recommends beloved1tarot.

Thank you so much for my reading!!! I really enjoy it. I would definitely recommend Amy 😊 #1

Isaiah Mcduffie  recommends beloved1tarot.

Was very helpful and true about everything I’ve been through I highly recommend her

Erica Rodgers  recommends beloved1tarot.

Amy is AMAZING her readings touch things and places you thought u hid🤔 she is very professional and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I am a client for life 🥰🥰

Olivia Modesti  recommends beloved1tarot.

Amy is incredible!! The reading was very accurate and descriptive. I learned a lot about myself and she gave me wonderful advice! 10/10 recommend! I would definitely go back to her for another reading!!
Grace Bulman  recommends beloved1tarot.
I fully recommend going to Beloved 1 Tarot! It was such a meaningful session for me and she gave an extremely accurate and hopeful reading. My reading was incredibly helpful and accurate to the kind of person I am and what I’ve been through! If you’re thinking about getting a psychic/tarot card reading, definitely choose this business!
Alexandria Reph  recommends beloved1tarot.
Amy was incredibly transparent and I can tell she is genuine and she helped me navigate some difficulties in my life and see a bright future!!! Highly recommend:)!